Jean-Marc KONAN, born on 04 November 1995 in the Ivory Coast. It is in class of second that his passion is born for the cinema. In this way, he decided to launch a film career, bringing with him some other enthusiasts. Subsequently, after several essays, he ended up taking a role in a feature film during a casting, organized by the director Dany Kou, to interpret the role of MEDE in the film "BLONDA". Since the film, he has taken several roles in other films and series thanks to his interpretation and participated in the FRANCOPHONE TROPHIES OF CINEMA in 2015. In the year 2015, he decides to take the microphone and releases a first Title titled J'NE BAISSE JAMAIS LES BRAS before deciding to enter the studio to make a rap album. At the end of 2016 he made a duet with the artist Fity Black, for a featuring on a flagship title and later decided to put a pose musically to take an international career. He met then the French artistic agent STEPHANE LEFEBVRE. In early 2016 he joins the cast of his second collaboration with director Dany Kou and plays his first main role in cinema in the film entitled "AFFAIRE DE LIKA" where he plays the role of ERIC. After getting noticed in the cinema and Ivorian television


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